What to Expect - Your First Visit


Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out or update your health history form or go to our online booking system to create a profile. You will be asked to remove your outdoor footwear, and it is best to use the washroom and also have a little drink of water if you like. Your therapist will greet you and take you to one of our private treatment rooms.


Patient History and Health Information

Your treatment will take place in one of our private rooms. The therapist will ask you what you are concerned with, and what you would like them to focus on. Please feel free to be open about your expectations and make sure to ask as many questions as you want. The therapist is trained to assess for muscle imbalances, and to perform certain assessment techniques to best help you. Sometimes clients don’t understand the need for these tests, or the time spent doing assessment. Please communicate with the therapist if you are there for relaxation only, as then the focus will be just on the massage, and less on the assessment.

You will be asked to undress and get onto the massage table. You do not have to take of your undergarments for us to do an effective massage. We will work with what ever you are comfortable with. It is our job and duty to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable during your treatment. Please ask us for assistance if you need help removing shoes, or any other articles of clothing, or need assistance to lay comfortably on the table. At any time getting off the table, we recommend that you move very slow, and allow your body to adjust to the shift.


Please make sure that you express the type of pressure that you are comfortable with during the massage. Also remember that certain health conditions and medications can alter your perception of how much pressure is being used. The Massage Therapist will use their skill and judgment when it comes to applying pressure. Deep, painful massage is not always required to have what is considered an effective treatment. Massage should not be extremely painful. Massage can be uncomfortable, but you should not “Grin and Bear it” so please always let the therapist know what style and pressure depth you would like. All therapists are different when it come to pressure. Some therapists can do very deep massage, and others are more comfortable doing light or medium pressure. Please have a conversation with Reception when booking, so that we can put you with the correct therapist.

Breakdown of Time needed for a Massage Treatment

When a client arrives for a massage, the therapist will come and greet the client and go into the private room. The time starts when we discuss any concerns, treatment plans and goals, or do assessments to look for muscular problems, imbalances. We will give you approximately 2 minutes to undress and get on the table. At the end of the treatment, we will also take a couple of minutes to discuss any treatment goals, and take some time to go over stretches and home care if need be. We are Registered Massage Therapists, and doing assessment and treatment is part of our role. If you are looking for a Relaxation massage, we can do that too, but please be vocal about your expectations for the treatment so that we meet your needs. We feel that there are still many people who don’t realize the education and training that we have, and we do require time to ask questions and do pre and post assessment at your appointment, it is part of our policy, and standards of treatment set forth from our regulatory body. If you have any questions at all about the breakdown of the treatment, please just ask us, and we can explain or give you options to meet your expectations.

Post Massage

After a massage treatment some people will feel energized, and some people will feel tired and drained. It is very normal to get a headache after, and also to be sore. Please drink plenty of water after your treatment and for the next couple of days. Sometimes people can be sore for several days, and also depending on your body type you may develop bruising in some areas. Deep tissue does not always cause bruising, and on some people, light pressure can cause bruising. Please make sure to inform the therapist if you are on any medications that may cause excessive bleeding or bruising. Massage Therapy can also cause already inflamed muscles to go into spasm, creating more pain following treatment. If you have had a cupping treatment, or an assisted instrument treatment, these tools can leave bruises and streaks all over the treated area. Please inform us if you have a wedding or an important event your attending, as having a treatment like this a few days before is NOT recommended. Better wait until after your planned event. And if you have any questions or if something does not feel right after the treatment, please call the clinic, and we will have the therapist speak with you directly about recommendations.


We strongly recommend that you rebook your appointment at the end of the treatment, so that you can make sure to see your therapist the next time. We do fill up fast, and we recommend that you have a treatment at least once per month, and sooner if you are trying to overcome an acute problem.