What is Ashiatsu? Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT), also known as Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy. 

In Japanese, “Ashi” means foot, and “-astu” means pressure. Many forms of barefoot massage can be found in other countries throughout the world: Japan, China, the Philippines and India, among others. 

Two parallel bars hang securely from the ceiling above the massage table. The client lays down face down (prone) or face up (supine) on the table in the same positions as a regular therapeutic massage. Meticulously prepared, soft and hygienic feet glide slowly along a tension filled muscle, sinking into the lubricated tissues with precision.  

 To the body on the table, the sensation is as if huge hands are engulfing its tissues with broad compressive strokes, followed by the inevitable wave-like reperfusion, which brings a rush of relaxation endorphins. As the foot moves, it perceives information about muscle quality, texture and tension, sending these messages back to the brain to form an appropriate response to be applied using that same foot, achieving a therapeutic goal. 

It is recommended to sit in the infrared sauna before a massage session as this helps the clients mind relax and the clients muscle tissue to relax and prepare for the massage.


Ashiatsu Massage

Lay down and take a deep breath in of your chosen aromatherapy scent while enjoying the warming of hot towels on your back and shoulders. As you drop deeper into relaxation take in the sound of a healing crystal bowl frequency that is attuned to the heart chakra. The therapist guides you to release your bodies tension from head to toe with hypnotic vocal suggestions. Experience a deep tissue massage that includes strong wide spread relaxing strokes.

Ashi massage can be general or specific. There are many kinds of strokes that can be used to obtain the desired results.